Thursday, July 23, 2009

Anna, QEHS (September, 1996)

I probably took this picture with my Pentax (before it was stolen). It's a photo of a classmate, taken when I was 15, at Queen Elizabeth High School in Halifax, Nova Scotia. This is a scan or a print I made a couple of years later at NSCAD.

I've always like high-contrast definition in my own black-and-white photos, for some reason; it's probably why I gravitated to Agfa film (usually 400 ISO) and used it pretty consistently until I stopped photographing on black and white film in around 2001 (due to lack of lab availability). In this picture I enjoy the way the contrast (from a very sunny lighting situation--probably a clear sky) worked its way out on the surface of the concrete. Something about her expression seems to work with the high degree of contrast created by the shadow on one side of her head, and the sunlight on her face.
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