Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Flower Patch (Spring, 2007)

Today, another spring-themed post. At this time of the year I always miss having a garden. I've only ever lived in one apartment (in Canada) where we had a back yard, which evolved into a project that lasted over three summers.

April 29, 2007: I've planted columbines and foxgloves in the patch where previously I'd tried to grow veggies. I think the soil wasn't good enough and the shade was too much to allow the veggies to really prosper--that, and the squirrels.

May 10, 2007: I added some parsley in one corner, since it likes a bit of room to spread out and I wanted to encourage it to grow bushy (more tabbouleh for me, ultimately). This was a nice spring with just the right amount of rain, as you can tell from the lawn, which had only been planted over the previous two summers and was already doing rather well, considering the amount of shade.

May 28, 2007: Everything continues to grow, and I'm starting to get a look at those columbine flowers--they are really very lovely, for the minimal amount of effort/upkeep they require-! Gardening is such a small, gratifying pleasure.

June 7, 2007: I did and up with that nice bushy effect from the flowers, which was unexpected and gratifying. Loved the columbines, they turned out different shades of pink and yellow on the same plant, in one case. Foxgloves are still only just visible in this picture, it took them about five days more after this to really bloom.
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