Monday, June 7, 2010

Kitten Snuggle (June 7, 2010)

Since today I'm incapable of typing very much (due to back and arm pain), I decided to share something cute and cuddlesome that works well without much commentary. A more substantial post will follow when the tendons in my arm and hand do not feel as if they are violin strings stretched over the bridge of my wrist. Hence my cats--Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy--and their combined cuteness.

They love to cuddle up together when they are asleep; they have done since I got them, when they were about nine weeks old. They were born to a stray, their mother an oddly slim and rare orange female, I believe she must have had some Siamese in her. It shows up in Mr. Bingley, with his lithe muscled cat physique and his habit of 'talking' to me demandingly when I am occupied (usually at my desk).

Nothing to see here but Cute. Moving along...

The don't just curl up together--sometimes they sleep in very odd positions, so completely at ease that the one is sprawled or slouched snoozing over the other (above, notice Bingley's head is barely visible).

I love it when they lie together in a tangle of legs, each cat's fur barely distinguishable from that of the other, the pearly-pink pads of their feet winking out like soft wee buttons.

There's something quite touching about the way they so often seem to want to lie close to one another (except in the hot weather, when they retreat to cool and shady positions under the bed and in the closet). Sometimes they lie apart on the bed, but with feet just touching, as if to reassure themselves of each other's perpetual presence--as two halves of a whole.
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