Thursday, March 17, 2011

Georgetown (March 10 to 13, 2011)

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to be able to visit Washington, D.C., for an academic conference (the Georgetown University Roundtable, or GURT). Naturally I was keen to take photos--Georgetown is a pretty picturesque place.

Above: First evening in Georgetown, out for a nice walk to find dinner.

Above: A lovely refurbished house near the university. I remember first seeing large older brick houses when on a trip from New Zealand to Canada, and I've always loved them, particularly those with funky windows and trim like this one.

Above: Something I learned about Americans is that they are obsessed with cupcakes. This line-up is for a very popular cupcake shop. There were also some girls trying to take a photo in front of it, one of those staged pictures where everyone jumps into the air at once. But they were having a really hard time getting the shot due to passing cars, lack of coordination, etc. Eventually they managed to pull it off.

Above: A nice Gothic night-time shot of Georgetown University.

Above: Plenty of original or original-looking detailing on houses in the area, including many old-style wooden front doors.

Above: Lots of lovely townhouses with wrought iron stairs and windows. I think this is part of why Georgetown reminded me of Montreal.

Above: Martin's Tavern. This is a great little pub with excellent food, where John F. Kennedy had a single booth right by the front door; in fact there's a strong history of presidential patronage there. I had the Shepherd's Pie and it was delicious.

Above: Bridge at 26th and M Streets. I had to cross this bridge to get from the hotel to the section of M Street where all the restaurants could be found.

Above: This place (at the corner of 30th and M Streets) made me laugh with its subtitle, "King of Falafel and Cheese Steaks". I didn't really know what a cheese steak was until I looked it up. Turns out I'd actually tried it before, though under a different name. Amusing, since I'd previously had this image of something more like a ham steak but made of cheese.

Above: Beautiful wrought-iron on a window near the university.

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