Saturday, February 20, 2010

Roots and Rock--Rangitoto (January 15, 2010)

Taken on Rangitoto Island, the day I arrived in Auckland. I decided to go for a boat tour of the harbour. Such an easy indulgence there, but a rare treat for me, loving boats and the wind and the sunshine as I do. There was no real humidity and the day was bright and colourful.

I love how it looks as if almost nothing will grow on Rangitoto other than these pohutukawa trees, which manage to squeeze sustenance out of this igneous volcanic (though distinctly cone-shaped) lump perched off Auckland's east side. In fact there is a broad range of plant life that's already taken hold in the 600 or so years since Rangitoto's formation, but the determined-looking trees are the most visible sign of this colonisation of lava by flora. I love the way the tree here seems to have become a part of the ground to which it clings.

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