Friday, March 26, 2010

Cloud, Field Near Opera (May 15, 2007)

I remember dramatic skies in Italy, beautiful weather that snapped to extremes, a thunderstorm that created dramatic lighting as it moved across the sky near sunset and the orange light poured under the clouds; and an airbrushed pigment-blue backdrop, the light very clear and crisp even when filtered by heat-haze.

This picture was taken on the walk from Juliet's workplace, the American School of Milan, in Novaresco to her flat in Opera, a nearby suburb of Milan. There was a pleasant rural feeling about it, these yellow fields at dusk, and the May weather would have been unseasonably warm in Canada--feeling more like mid-June. The clouds struck me as being heavily articulated, as if drawn and washed with graphite and ink. Their mass was fully three-dimensional, somehow sculptural, and the range of tone within created crisp contrasts against the placid sky. Even my camera was drawn to this as its object, the landscape darkened and downplayed as the image centres on the complex cumulus.

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