Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easter Vigil (April 23, 2011)

This year for Easter Saturday (last week) I was invited to the Easter vigil at the Cathedral of Christ the King in Hamilton. I'd never been inside this particular church before. A treat! It's in the style of Gothic cathedrals, the ones built with flying buttresses, but this one doesn't have the buttresses (as can be observed from the outside of the church).

Above: Rib-vaulting in the roof and classic pointed arches.

Above: One of the church helpers popped open this window before the service began. I think this was to alleviate the incense a bit (frankincense actually). I actually have a dish of the same incense at home, I do love the smell of it.

Above: Low light in the church as the vigil service begins.

Above: Lighting of Easter candles. I love any ceremony involving fire, and had never seen this event where a church in total darkness is gradually lit up by the spread of many tiny lights.

Above: Although this is blurred, I still quite like it. It's the Bishop lighting someone's candle at the end of a pew.

Above: I love these kinds of "soft" arches. I don't know the technical term for this, but it's a great effect; they are pointed/ogival arches of some kind, with a kind of fanning out of strips of masonry, common in the large churches with this type of Gothic design.

Above: The congregation and guests mingling after the service.

Above: Another shot of the vaulted roof. It's actually called "fan vaulting", specifically.

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  1. The roof is more like that of the Winchester Cathedral’s! It could be one the church’s inspiration… I think it’s getting more contemporary now. I mean, merging the architecture before to what’s in today would definitely bring us something more unique and gorgeous to the eyes.
    Adam Waterford