Friday, April 8, 2011

Liberal Party Rally, Hamilton (April 7, 2010)

My apologies for the lack of commentary about this event, but I wanted to get the pictures posted as soon as possible so those who were at the event could have a look! Most of these photos are just nice "people shots" as I call them. Like the one below, of a very keen Liberal supporter pre-rally. As you know if you've followed this blog, I love photographing political events and politicians (see previous posts).

Above: The event was packed. It was standing-room only (in fact some people were sitting on the floor).

Above: the set-up. My second time at Liuna Station within 2 weeks.

Above: Organizer Tyler Banham chats with Liberal candidates.

Above: A candidate gets a hug from Iggy.

Above: Waiting patiently to ask a question.

Above: A staffer hard at work, I suspect he was collecting names of people who'd been photographed.

Candidates for Hamilton and area.

The place was so full, people were standing outside and sitting on the floor.

Apparently it took him about 40 minutes to leave the rally. You can see why.

The Liberal bus awaits. Ignatieff was still taking questions at the door of the bus.

This was a very energetic evening. I thought there was a fascinating contrast between this event and the one where I took this other more subdued portrait of Ignatieff.

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