Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Earth Hour (March 27, 2010)

Taken at The Gem pub, in Toronto; a pleasant ending to a leisurely day with friends Alex and Tom. Earlier in the afternoon, we'd spent a few hours at an event organised by volunteers working with Parkdale-High Park MP Gerard Kennedy. We watched live a telecast of the "Canada 150" conference happening in Montreal that weekend, and participated in a Skype chat with Gerard, who was attending the conference; to complete the social-networking-politics-nerdiness we were all sending Twitter updates from mobile devices, throughout the afternoon.

After the event ended we went for a stroll in High Park, which appeared as if it were in momentarily arrested state between winter and spring; there was no growth yet, but the ground and air were warming up. I'd never actually seen the animal enclosures at the park before, and we walked past them on our way around (I thought they looked forlorn and the animals were probably rather bored... I always find I'm uncomfortable seeing animals in enclosures).

We ended up later at The Gem, where the lights were turned out at 8pm for Earth Hour. as always I do prefer candlelight to electricity, so this was a charming treat.

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