Saturday, May 8, 2010

It's Not Pretty (June 25, 2005)

I'll tell you what's not pretty: it's this. And this. And this. And from a little while back, let's not forget... this and this. (There's even more here.) Seems almost as if they were looking for an excuse. But why?

I thought it was appropriate that I should comment on the latest news and relate it to the photo (taken at Toronto Pride 2005, when I marched with the Gay Geeks). For once I'm going to express a political point in my personal blog, and here it is: I don't want to live in a country where Pride parades, women's groups and the arts lose funding, where the government members can say they "hate" the city in which I live and act on that, where information is withheld from the public on a regular basis, where the MPs are allowed to engage in sketchy/crass behaviour with relative impunity, and where, overall, I simply don't trust the government to govern in anyone's best interest but their own.

This ridiculous crew of meritocratic, homophobic, sexist, classist, racist rowdies must be tossed aside, assigned to the past along with their repugnant attitudes, which are not those of the majority of Canadians. We've got work to do.

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