Thursday, May 13, 2010

Matt & Ducks (October, 1995)

Taken at the Halifax Public Gardens, before they were ravaged by a hurricane in 2003. The gardens were downtown, not far from the school we were attending at the time, Queen Elizabeth High School at the corner of Robie Street and Quinpool Road, by the Commons. I heard that since then it's been closed and torn down, though Google Maps still shows it standing (and a new high school under construction down the street), complete with label.

I've written before about that sense of destruction or loss, the 'tearing down' of place that's happened (for me) since I left Halifax; sometimes I find it eerie that this process that felt as if it was only happening in my head--deliberately--should have these outward manifestations, this parallel aspect in the physical world (the actual end of places as I had known them and seen them and inhabited them). It's an interesting contrast to what I was writing about yesterday, which was more or less the opposite feeling/experience.

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