Thursday, May 6, 2010

Milk 1.34 (March 3, 2008)

One of my favourite things about visiting other countries is checking out the food, in particular the supermarkets (grocery stores). Even though there seems to be a kind of standard basic format, there are of course regional and national quirks--for example, in Italy it seemed common that meat had to be ordered over the counter, rather than available pre-packaged as in Canadian, kiwi and U.K. shops. This is intimidating and challenging for those of us who don't have much Italian-!

I took this picture at Tesco (of course!), the one in Purley near my sister's place. In the classed hierarchy of supermarkets, Tesco is hardly at the top of the ladder, but I like going there--mostly because the food is different--the dairy products cheaper and more plentiful, and the gluten-free section much more affordable and well-stocked than in the average Loblaw's in Toronto. Here the price of 58p per litre was still well below that in Canada, even after currency rates are taken into account.

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