Monday, October 19, 2009

AA Road Sign (December 15? 2000)

Taken on the way--well, while trying to find the way--from Auckland up to the Coromandel, in New Zealand. We did end up taking a bit of a detour, but New Zealand is so small that the alternate route merely brought us to the coast prematurely, and we were able to turn around and go back the way we came without much loss of time, and pleased by some extra exposure to the countryside (just southeast of Auckland, heading for the Firth of Thames; beautiful rolling farmland, much of it).

I also took this picture because of the "toilets" sign, I'm sure--in New Zealand both the yellow AA road signs and the available public toilets would seem strange to Canadian eyes, though they are common enough where I grew up. Public toilets are almost always available since they are not inside malls, restaurants or other privately owned/commercial spaces.
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