Friday, October 2, 2009

Student Protest, King's College (January 27, 1998)

I believe this event was a Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) day of action, and the march began at King's College in Halifax and progressed across the Dalhousie campus, ending up downtown by the government buildings.

I love this picture because of that "captured" expression on this person's face. I should really know what his name was--I'm pretty sure he was actually in my photography class, and this photo was taken during my first year at NSCAD. I think the camera he is holding is one borrowed from "The Cage", which was the nickname for the photography department's equipment/tech room from which cameras and other items could be signed out by students.

What you can see in the foreground, blurred, is a profile view of someone else holding a camcorder (this was before you could buy really small digital cameras with video recorders in them, such as the one I use at the moment, a Sony Cybershot). For some reason it took me some time to figure out that the large, white blurred object is actually the lens cap for the camcorder.
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