Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Prairie (February 14, 2002)

Taken from a plane coming in to land at Calgary, Alberta. I took a series of aerial shots during the flight into Calgary, many of which turned out as fabulously as this one, thanks to the incredibly crisp prairie sunlight, cooled to clarity by the February chill.

This was one of my favourites from that day. The land and sky meet at a pressure point at the horizon, pushing together where the air seems to brighten and turn white below the clouds. The simplicity of the image highlights all other features, gives the prairie flatness an intensity of compressed browns and tans and beiges, and the sky the look of a canvas sliced across with soft brushstrokes of watercolour cloud. The deep blue at the top of the picture only serves to heighten the sense of space, hinting at a celestial vastness that echoes the land infinitely.

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