Monday, October 12, 2009

AGO in Sunlight (June 4, 2009)

The new Art Gallery of Ontario building, which I believe is much more of success than the recent addition to the Royal Ontario Museum (the somewhat infamous, and overpriced, "crystal" that now seems to dominate most publicity shots of the museum, sadly enough... and which looks, to me, as if some giant-sized rock-collector accidentally dropped a prize piece onto an otherwise nice-looking old building). Oddly, there seem to be very few pictures of the completed AGO building available online, and hardly any that do its design any justice. I have taken a number of photos that I hope will reflect these things more effectively, and I'll post more of them eventually.

The more time I spend staring at this image, the more surreal it becomes. One of the really interesting effects of the light hitting the roof here is that the roof takes on something of the visual quality of tin, if you get close to the metal and the sun is reflecting off it. If you look closely at it, tin (in sheets) has a lot of little patchy bits as a kind of surface patter, and they all catch the light in slightly different ways. The roof of this building, right where the sun hits, is doing something similar--but here the reflective material comprises panes of glass mosaicked together to form a curved surface.

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