Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lindsay (April, 1996)

Taken in high school, when I was 16. This room, which was a classroom used for English, must have had nice light--I have a few pictures taken in there. Lindsay was a classmate (in the same year as me, though certainly not in many of my classes).

I remember when I showed this picture in a class at NSCAD (probably in one of the continuing education classes I took there, during high school), the instructor was fascinated by it. I think there was something about the half-sentences on the blackboard that was evocative, together with the soft focus (graininess again--it would have been Agfa 400 ISO B&W film) and the evident concentration she has on something being written. This is one of those portraits I took in high school that looks, in retrospect, like a freeze-frame of accidental beauty (I had to shoot when no-one was looking) that has survived long enough that I can look back and call it "precocious".

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