Sunday, August 30, 2009

Birthday Candles (late June, 2005)

Queen Street South apartment, Hamilton, Ontario.

Deirdre's birthday is June 28th, but I think the party was a few days beforehand since it was also Pride weekend. I always liked this photo, taken on the back porch. There's something about the light sources, and the blurriness--and how in spite of the blur you can still see what is going on, and the expressions. It reminds me of the way figures emerge in some paintings by Rembrandt, with a remarkable detail that is shown in spite of what look like (upon closer examination) very large blobs of paint, rather than dainty, delicate articulations. This photo is warm, and vibrant, and I think it captures the moment (a birthday party held in a back-yard on a summer evening) rather nicely.
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