Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Winston (September, 1994)

Serendipity intervened in this image, which I captured very early in in my photographic "career" (I was 14) and which is still one of my favourites. It was taken outside the library on Spring Garden Road in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I'm not sure which elements of the photo are deliberately framed; I get the impression that I was lining up a photo in which it would appear that Churchill was emerging ominously from the shrubs. The accidental addition of a well-posed pedestrian was the lucky part.

I'm not sure which camera I was using at this time, but I think it was a borrowed one (side note: The camera I was given after this was a Vivitar, evidently not of any quality since it soon developed--hah!-- an issue with light leaks that led to the ruination of a number of rolls of film).

Winston, or rather the statue of Winston Churchill that was my target in this photo, was created by sculptor Oscar Nemon in 1980 as part of a series. I'm not sure if the statue was unique to Halifax; since then, I thought I had seen it (or duplicates of the same original) in a couple of other places, but these could have been different members of the same series--I assume they look somewhat similar.

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