Friday, August 21, 2009

Towhai Hotel (January, 2001)

Taken on the drive north to the Bay of Islands with my mother, during my last trip to Aotearoa.

I hate to make any comment about an image summing up a "stereotype"... but this one does it, in a way (for me). There's something about the hotel with its Lion Red advertisements (in small towns in New Zealand, as I recall the town pub was often in the town hotel, as in this case. Not that I saw a town), and that Toyota parked out front, and the blank "Specials" board, in combination with a glimpse of nearby fields and a leaning power pole.

Unfortunately, what's probably the most amusing thing in the picture is scarcely visible--it's that old car next to the white shed (which actually looks like a defunct auto shop) in the background. The car lacks headlights and pretty much any semblance of functionality. Yet stuck inside the windshield is a large "For Sale" sign.
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