Thursday, August 6, 2009

Snow Blown (February 14, 2007)

One of a series of "snow photos" that I have taken, over time. I really enjoy the apparent physics/resultant aesthetics of snow, and also the great variation in effects according to what variety of snow happens to have fallen.

This was a very large snow-storm; a number of my best snow shots were taken immediately after it. In this one, a spray of snow left earlier by a passing car or plough has been dusted with a drifted layer of much lighter, powdery snow, which fell later.

What's interesting is that the effect is very similar to that of wet and dry sand on the beach, a sight familiar to me from spending a good deal of time at the ocean when I was younger (in New Zealand). Dry sand seemed to build eddies in the lees of clumps thrown up earlier in the day by vehicles' tyres, dogs' paws or the furrows left after beach-goers had dragged their umbrellas, beach chairs and "chilly bins" to and from whatever spot they had staked out for the day. This memory is probably one that informs my enjoyment of the patterns made by sun on snow, and highlights a kind of analogous yet oppositional relationship (winter/summer, moisture/dryness etc.) between the images involved.
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